• IROS 05e FTIR Spectrometer

IROS 05e FTIR Spectrometer

Ref. IROS05e
  • IROS 05e FTIR Spectrometer
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    IROS 05e FTIR spectrometer is designed to provide the wide range of sample measurement techniques in the most challenging environments from the laboratory to the pilot plant. Compact size, reasonable price for unique set of accessories and high performance - these advantages of IROS 05e allow it to fit to most of research and field tasks as a mid-level spectrometer for academic and industrial applications.

    Main features:

    • wide array of functions due to various attached modules;

    • capability of additional external devices connection for IR spectrum registration;

    • compact and light-weight. Optical attached modules for IR spectrum registration:

    • transmission and reflection,

    • ATR with ZnSe, Ge and Diamond prisms (including registration with controlled heating up to 200 о С).

    The control of the operation modes of IROS 05e Fourier-spectrometer is fully automated and is carried out using a PC or a built-in control panel. 

    Detectors: IROS 05e FTIR spectrometer is completed with MG-32 or DLaTGS (optional) built-in wide range detector.

    Additional external devices for connection to IROS 05e:

    • IROS M2/M3 IR microscopes with spatial resolution up to 5 μm;

    • reflecting telescope for remote probing;

    • multi-pass gas cells with different lengths;

    • other devices.

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