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Materials Testing

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    Measure the physical properties of a wide range of materials and industrial products.

    In laboratories around the world, scientists are finding new ways to manipulate matter at increasingly small scales, as well as drawing inspiration from biological materials.

    This revolution is giving us substances with properties that were once confined to the pages of science fiction books. But these materials are more than just scientific curiosities – they are genuinely useful, to the point that as applications start to emerge they will radically change our world.

    As any material scientist knows, physical characterisation is key to understanding the properties of these new and existing materials, how their properties are affected by changing formulation, manufacture etc.

    Not just for texture analysis...

    If you’re looking for a pair of trainers woven from stainless steel, a plastic coated fabric that changes colour with temperature or a transparent material that stops bullets in their tracks, you will need to, at some point, test these materials to quantify such properties as compressional strength, flexibility, tensile strength, puncture resistance, etc.

    This is where a Texture Analyser/Materials Tester can be employed to compress, bend, stretch, extrude, cut, puncture or snap a product and provide an objective analysis of the material’s physical capabilities.

    Here are just a few applications of measurement that will come in useful for the assessment and characterisation of new and existing materials.

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