• RMN de Baixo Campo (GeoSpec2Plus)

RMN de Baixo Campo (GeoSpec2Plus)

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GeoSpec is the industry standard NMR core analyser, with installations in almost every major oil producer and SCAL laboratory world-wide.

Our partnership with Green Imaging Technologies guarantees complete hardware and software integration which makes it possible for any core analysis laboratory to obtain comprehensive NMR core analysis results without the need for an in-house NMR expert.

The GeoSpec range currently comprises instrument models operating at 2, 12 and 20MHz.

2MHz models are the industry standard for routine measurements of relaxation distributions, leading to prediction of basic petrophysical parameters such as porosity, free and bound fluid determinations and T2 cutoff. These instruments operate at 2MHz to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples and to mimic the operation of the NMR logging tools.

All 2MHz GeoSpec models are equipped with Q-Sense, our ground-breaking technology for improved signal-to-noise and ultra-short echo times. Both these features are essential for accurate measurements on tight rocks and shales.

2MHz GeoSpec models are available in three different magnet sizes to accommodate cores from 1/2” to 6” diameter.

Higher field (12 and 20MHz) GeoSpec models are available for situations where higher sensitivity is required (for example, very low porosity samples), and for special applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Maximum sample size is smaller than for the 2MHz models, with the 12MHz model able to accommodate samples up to 53mm (2”) diameter and the 20MHz model up to 26mm (1”).

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