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Variable Focus

  • Rough surface analysis
  • Fast analysis


  • Tip scan works for large sample
  • Atomic level resolution for both XY and Z
  • Large piezo tip scan XY: up to 110x110um


  • Highest Z resolution, sub-nanometer
  • Both phases shifting (PSI) and vertical scanning (VSI) modes
  • Z resolution independent of magnification
  • User selectable four color LED light source (white, red-630nm, green-530nm, and blue-460nm) improves lateral resolution and optical coherence length (blue light provides higher lateral resolution)
  • Up to 5M digitalized resolution camera
  • Fast processor allows for industry leading process time
  • Auto focus


  • Spinning disc (Nipkow) confocal technology for fast vertical scanning
  • Best technology for surface and sub-surface feature measurement, full field 3D characterization of steep slope analysis (Maximal slope: 72° vs. 44° from Interferometry)
  • Highest lateral resolution in optical profiling. With 5M digitalized resolution camera, the spatial sampling down to 0.04um, best for surface feature and profiling measurement
  • No limitation on surface roughness/surface reflectivity (from 0.05% to 100%)
  • Technology works for transparent layers/films/liquid
  • Both bright field and dark field; optical DIC
  • Long working distance objectives is ideal for measuring high aspect ratio features, steep slopes
  • Non sensitive to vibration

Large Stage / Platform
Roughness, Texture Finish
Automatic Turrent
Profile, Topography
Large Stage / Platform
Volume Area
Large Stage / Platform
Step Height
Large Stage / Platform
Defects, Particles
Large Stage / Platform
Film Thickness
Unlimited Applications - Combination allows to measure almost any kind of sample
Large Stage / Platform
Materials Research
Automatic Turrent
Large Stage / Platform
Large Stage / Platform
Tribology, Wear, Corrosion
Large Stage / Platform
Glass, Sapphire
Large Stage / Platform
Universal 3D Profiler - UP series
Modular Design
Modules on Same Platform
  • WLI
  • Confocal
  • AFM
  • Variable Focus
Benefits of Modular Concept
  • Mix and match module per need
  • Sample automatically goes between different modules
  • Allows to measure sample from nano to micro to macro range
  • Combines advantages of all techniques
  • Easy to buy and attach new modules in future
Platform Summary
  • Objective turret, motorized turret optional
  • Tip tilt stage 6 degree
  • Standard motorized stage 150x150mm (Option 210x310mm)
  • Theta stage ( 360 Degree ) optional
  • Vertical range up to 100mm
  • XY resolution 0.1um
  • Optional clean room class 1 compatible
Optional Hardware Upgrades
Large Stage / Platform
Large Stage/Platform
Automatic Turrent
Automatic Turret
Large Stage / Platform
Ergonomic Joystick
Large Stage / Platform
Antivibration Table
Large Stage / Platform
Eye Piece
Various Common Combinations
Modular design - Any module can be bought and attached at any time
  • WLI
  • Confocal
  • WLI + AFM
  • Confocal + AFM
  • Confocal + WLI
  • WLI + AFM + Confocal
  • WLI+ Variable+ AFM
  • WLI + AFM + Confocal + Variable Focus
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