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  • Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac BELCAT II

Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac BELCAT II

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    Building on the experience and technology of the BELCAT series, the all-new fully-automated catalyst analyzer BELCAT II has been developed.

    BELCAT II is the analyzer of choice for catalyst researchers and enables comprehensive catalyst evaluation by using the following techniques:

        Pulse chemisorption
        Temperature programmed desorption (TPD)
        Temperature programmed reduction (TPR)
        Temperature programmed oxidation (TPO)
        Temperature programmed reaction (TPReaction)
        BET single point measurement

    Typical applications

        Acidity study of cracking catalyst by ammonia or pyridine TPD
        Basicity study of solid base catalyst
        Metal dispersion rate evaluation of exhaust gas catalyst / fuel cell electrode catalyst
        Determination of optimal preparation conditions of catalyst
        Catalytic reaction study

    Product Advantages

        Affordable price
        Small foot print
        Precise gas control by three high performance mass flow controllers
        Precise automatic gas injection system for calibration
        The pulse loop with temperature/pressure sensor enables the highly reproducible result
        A variety of options to fulfill the customers' demand
        With the standard gas mixing equipment, mixed gases (H2/Ar, O2/He, etc...) are not necessary

    Technical Data

    Measurement principleDynamic flow method
    DetectorSemi-diffusion type 4-element thermal conductivity detector (TCD)
    Measurement / pretreatment port1
    Injection gasHe, Ar, N2, O2, H2, CO, CO2, NH3, N2O, NO, etc.
    Dosing gasCarrier: 3
    Pretreatment / pulse / MIX: 8 (corrosion-resistant x 2)
    Mass flow controllerCarrier: F.S.100 sccm
    Pretreatment / pulse: F.S.100 sccm
    MIX: F.S.30 sccm
    Electric furnaceMaximum temperature: 1,100°C
    Quick cooling: 30 minutes (400°C->50°)
    CATCryo II (option): -120°C supported
    Vapor injection (option)H2O, CH3OH, C2H5OH, toluene, benzene, etc.
    Dimensions (W x H x D)500 x 750 x 500 mm
    Weight80 kg
    Measurement gas: 0.1MPa(G), valve driving gas: 0.45~0.55MPa(G)
    1/8” Swagelok connection
    AC 100-120 V / 200-240 V, 1,300 W, 50 / 60 Hz
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