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  • Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac Belsorp MR 6

Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac Belsorp MR 6

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    Belsorp MR 6

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    BET Surface Area Analyzer - Belsorp MR 6

    The specific surface area is one of several important characteristics for the evaluation of powder material. This instrument quickly and reliably measures the BET surface area of up to six samples. Measurement and pre-treatment are carried out simultaneously. The BELSORP MR 6 is used not only for research applications but also in quality control.

    One sample measurement takes just 10 minutes*, excluding the time for pre-treatment. An intuitive software provides complete control of the measurement.

    Product Advantages

    - Measurement of BET single point.
    - Sophisticated automatic control system eliminates operating errors.
    - 6 sample stations allow for high throughput.
    - Measurement time for one sample is approx. 10 mins (excluding pre-treatment).
    - Measurement and pretreatment in one process step.
    - Automatic LN2 supply option for continuous measurement.
    - P0 measurement option for highest accuracy.
    - Mixed gas unit option for BET multipoint measurement.

    Technical Data

    Measurement principleDynamic flow method
    Measurement modeBET single/multipoint (option)
    The number of samples6
    Adsorption gasNitrogen or Krypton
    Maximum pretreatment temperature400°C
    Measurement relative pressure0.3, 0.02 - 0.9(Option)
    Time for measurementApproximately 10 minutes/sample (Excluding time for pretreatment)
    Measureable specific surface area range0.01m²/g and more
    ReproducibilityWithin ±1% (Depends on sample)
    DimensionsW394 x D460 x H635
    PowerAC110V/AC220V, 600W, 50/60Hz

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