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  • Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac Belsorp Max II

Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac Belsorp Max II

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    Belsorp Max II

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    Analisador de Área Superficial Microtrac Belsorp Max II

    - Simultaneous measurement of 3 samples of ultra low pressure and maximum of 4 samples evolved for higher performance equipment;

    - Newly equipped "Gas dosing optimization". Automatically optimizes measurement conditions using data from previous measurements;

    - Measurement time is greatly reduced by active control of the valve and high-speed exhaust line;

    - Accurate measurement of the amount of vapor adsorption by strict temperature control;

    - High precision measurement by continuous free space measurement method (AFSM TM);

    - Fully automated from pretreatment to measurement. Significantly reduce operator work (optional);

    - Automatic liquid nitrogen injection before measurement makes perfect measurements;

    - In addition to the conventional NLDFT approach method, it is equipped with the most advanced and highly accurate pore distribution analysis software in the GCMC method;

     - Possible analysis considering the interaction between the adsorbed molecule and the surface of the real material;

    - The data is sent by email at the end of the measurement and you can check the result immediately, even if you are absent.


    Measuring principleConstant volume gas adsorption method + AFSM™
    Adsorbed gas/vaporN 2 , Ar, Kr, CO 2 , H 2 , O 2 , CH 4 , NH 3 , and other non-corrosive gases
    H 2 O, MeOH, EtOH, C 6 6 , other non-corrosive vapors
    Number of measurement samplesUp to 4 ports simultaneously
    Measuring range-specific surface area0.01 m 2 / g or more (N2), 0.0005 m 2 by / g or more (Kr) Sample Density
    Measuring range-Pore distribution (diameter)0.35 ~ 500 nm
    Measuring range-Vapor adsorption**Standard specifications: P/P0=~[email protected]℃ or less
    BELSORP MAX II-HV: P/P0=~[email protected]℃ or less
    BELSORP MAX II-HP: P/P0=~[email protected]℃ or less
    Measuring range-high pressure gas adsorptionStandard specifications:
    -BELSORP MAX II-HP: 10Pa-900kPa
    Pressure sensor-1MPaStandard specifications:
    Pressure sensor-133kPaStandard specifications: 6 units
    BELSORP MAX II-HV: 6 units
    BELSORP MAX II-HP: 5 units
    Pressure sensor-1.33kPaStandard specifications: Up to 4 units
    BELSORP MAX II-HV: 4 units
    BELSORP MAX II-HP: 3 units
    Pressure sensor-0.0133kPaStandard specifications: Up to 3 units
    -BELSORP MAX II-HP: 2 units
    Air bath temperatureStandard specifications: 50 °C
    Gas port2 (up to 12 ports can be added)
    Steam port1 port
    Sample tubeQuasi-: capacity about 1.8Cm 3
    options: capacity 5Cm 3 other
    Vacuum pumpTurbo molecular pump + rotary pump (etc)
    Pretreatment heater50-550°C (4 ports)
    Fully automatic measurement heater50-450°C (3 ports)
    Circulating water tank (including circulator)-10 to 70°C (4 ports)
    Analysis program BELMaster™ 7Adsorption/desorption isotherm, BET specific surface area type I (ISO9277) BET automatic analysis, Langmuir specific surface area BJH, DH, CI, INNES method, t-plot method
    Analysis program BELMaster™ 7HK, SF, CY method, NLDFT / GCMC (option BELSim™), MP method, Dubinin-Astakhov method, differential adsorption isotherm, molecular probe method, αS plot method, adsorption rate analysis (option), *Other analysis software Please contact us separately.
    Dimensions (W x H x D)650 x 1020 x 680 mm
    weight120 kg
    Utility-GasHe, adsorption gas (purity 99.999% or more): 0.1MPa(G) 1/8" Swagelok
    valve drive gas: 0.5-0.6MPa(G) 1/4" One-touch fitting
    Utility-PowerMain unit: Single phase AC100-120V/200-240V, 1500W (including RP), 50/60 Hz
    Heater: Single phase AC100-120V/200-240V, 50/60Hz, 900W, 50/60 Hz
    **depending on adsorbate
    A PC is required for measurement. Please contact us for details. Specifications are examples. Please contact us first.

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