• Câmera de Raios X de Transmissão Espectrométrica ADVACAM WIDEPIX L 2(1)X15 - MPX3

Câmera de Raios X de Transmissão Espectrométrica ADVACAM WIDEPIX L 2(1)X15 - MPX3

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    widepix 2(1)x15 mpx3

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    ADVACAM WIDEPIX L 2(1)X15 - MPX3 - Industrial Spectral Scanner Camera

    WidePIX 2(1)x15 - MPX3 camera consists of either 2x15 or 1x15 Medipix3 devices. Each pixel has two integrated 12-bit digital counters and two energy discrimination thresholds. Both counters can be joined to a single 24-bit counter providing enhanced dynamic range. The camera can be constructed with Si or CdTe edgeless sensor tiles. The edgeless sensor technology allows placing all tiles tightly together from all sides. Thus the whole imaging area of the camera is fully sensitive to the radiation - there are no gaps between the tiles in the image. The camera is made robust to address industrial users.

    The WidePIX 1x15 - MPX3 camera offers built-in Time-Delayed-Integration (TDI) for scanning in industrial applications. It is very advantageous for continuous scanning. WidePIX 2(1)X15 - MPX3 is available with Si and CdTe sensors for imaging of the soft and hard X-ray spectrums, respectively.

    The minimum detectable energy is typically 3 keV or 5 keV in case of Si or CdTe sensor, respectively. The intrinsic spatial resolution of the camera is defined by pixel size which is 55 µm. The pixels situated on the border of tiles are 2 times larger in one direction. The corner pixels of tiles are 2 times larger in both directions.

    Related Applications

    - Non-Destructive Testing
    - Small Animal Spectral Imaging
    - Authentication of Art
    - Mining and Geology


    Sensor Material:Si or CdTe
    Sensor Thickness:300 μm and 500 μm for Si; 1 mm for CdTe
    Sensitive Area:28 (14) mm x 211.2 mm
    Number of Pixels:512(256) x 3840
    Readout Speed: 50 (1x15 tiles) and 20 (2x15 tiles) frames/s
    Photon Counting Speed: up to 3 x 10⁶ photons/s/pixel
    Pixel Pitch:55 μm
    Resolution:9 lp/mm
    Time-Delayed-Integration:Yes, hardware based (1x15 tiles)
    Thresholds per pixel:1, 2 or 8 (configurable)
    Threshold Step Resolution:0.1 keV
    Energy Resolution:0.7-2 keV (Si) and 1.2-3.6 keV (CdTe)
    Min. Detectable Energy:2.5 keV (SI) and 5 keV (CdTe)
    Readout Chip:Medipix3
    Pixel Mode of Operation:Counting on Single Pixel Mode (SPM) or Charge Summing Mode (CSM)
    Counter Depth:12 or 24 bits (Configurable)
    Connectivity:3x USB 2.0 (Full-Speed)
    Weight:3800 g
    Dimensions:280 mm x 153 mm x 42 mm (L x W x H)
    Software:Pixet PRO

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