• Miniprensa para Pellet

Miniprensa para Pellet

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    Miniprensa para Pellet

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    Mini Pellet Press - Handheld KBr pellet press

    - Full hydraulic operation and integrated pressure gauge
    - Simple operation requiring minimal training
    - Small and lightweight
    - Low cost of ownership
    - Ideal for FTIR/KBr pellet preparation

    A small hydraulic press for KBr pellets
    The Specac Mini Pellet Press is an entry-level, handheld laboratory hydraulic press for the preparation of high-quality 7 mm KBr pellets for transmission FTIR analysis.
    With a rugged and durable design, this mini hydraulic press is intended for regular laboratory use with maintenance-free operation.

    Handheld mini hydraulic press for laboratory use
    Specac’s Mini Pellet Press is designed to be used on a laboratory bench top, but is small in size and light enough in weight to allow it to be moved to different points of use or stored when not required.
    Full hydraulic operation and an innovative sealed hydraulic unit, allows the user to apply the required load for sample preparation through the simple rotation of a load knob. Reproducible load for pressing high-quality KBr pellets suitable for quantitative studies is facilitated by use of an integrated pressure gauge. 

    Buy the pellet press or KBr pellet kit
    The Specac Mini Pellet Press is also available as part of a Basic Solid Pack. This pack is equipped with a range of sample preparation components necessary for FTIR solid sample analysis by transmission, including:

    - Mini Pellet Press
    - 7mm Pellet Die Assembly
    - 7mm Disc Holder for a standard 3” by 2” mount
    - Pellet Ring Holders
    - Pestle and Mortar
    - KBr Powder (50g)

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