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  • Espectrofotômetro UV-Visível Biomate 160 Thermo Fisher Scientific

Espectrofotômetro UV-Visível Biomate 160 Thermo Fisher Scientific

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    Biomate 160

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    Perform quantitative measurements in life science laboratories with the automated and network-capable Thermo Scientific™ BioMate™ 160 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer. The BioMate 160 Spectrophotometer offers pre-programmed assay methods for nucleic acid and protein concentration as well as cell culture measurements. Optimized for usability and performance, this platform features a high-resolution color touchscreen, optional Wi-Fi networking, and a rugged design.

    The BioMate UV-Vis Spectrophotometer provides automation for high-throughput options and room-light resistance, allowing lid-open operation for improved speed and convenience. Software includes pre-programmed life science methods such as Nucleic Acid A260; Protein A280 and A205; Protein Colorimetric assays and OD600.

    A full line of accessories, including automated cell changers and cell holders, sipper, and fiber optic probes are designed to simplify sampling and accommodate high throughput measurements and temperature control.


    • 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen user interface
    • Pre-programmed life science methods
    • Networking capable (Wi-Fi adaptor available)
    • Room light resistance for 'open-lid' operation
    • Sipper accessory
    • Removable, washable sample compartment liner with magnetic placement and hold-down
    • Accommodates cells up to 100 mm pathlength
    • (Optional) 8-position cell changer with switchable turret
    • (Optional) 4-position cell changer (long path cells)
    • (Optional) Peltier-thermostatted single cell holder (20 °C - 60 °C)

    Designed for:

    • Advanced teaching labs
    • R&D departments
    • Applications requiring high throughput or temperature control

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