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Software CalCommander Calmetrix para uso em Calorímetros

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    The CalCommander software was designed for the needs of cement & concrete scientists and quality control professionals, giving them the means needs to innovate faster and streamline every day tasks by cutting back on traditional physical performance testing.

    CalCommander can be used to predict or model compressive strength gain and setting times, and even provide an optimum sulfate addition level, thereby saving time and costs associated with other testing methods.

    CalCommander for Isothermal calorimeters - Works with all Calmetrix I-Cal models:

    I-Cal Logger

    I-Cal Logger operates your calorimetry equipment. You can start/stop logging and capture relevant data for your experiment that will be stored along with the heat curve. I-Cal Logger logs and displays Power, Energy as absolute values, or by unit weight of cement or mass of cementitious material. You can also create interim reports while logging data.

    I-Cal Reports

    I-Cal Reports is used to retrieve curves from past experiments, zoom in on parts of the curve for more detailed analysis, create comprehensive reports or save graphs as images. Graphs can be shown as Power, Energy or Power and Energy normalized by unit weight of cement or cementitious material. You can also export data into a format compatible with spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

    I-Cal Set
    I-Cal Set lets you infer setting times directly from calorimetry curves. Based on the proven "fractions" method, it is quick to set up and easy to use. Users can create correlation files for given mix designs to fine tune results. The software also providees a graphic representation of the window of finishability for each mix.

    I-Cal AE

    Activation energy is often used in maturity-based predictions to infer propensity of cracking or compressive strength gain. I-Cal AE determines the activation energy of a predominantly portland cement-based mix, or a high volume pozzolan mix, or even alkali-activated systems such as geopolymers.
    I-Cal AE also draws the Arrhenius plot, which quickly characterizes the behavoir of a specific mix and its sensitivity to temperature variations.

    I-Cal HoH

    I-Cal HoH is used to determine the exact value of heat of hydration of a cement or cementitious system. The user has the option to use input fields, calculationsa and reporting that are conveniently designed for use with ASTM C1702.
    Note: I-Cal HoH should only be used with the I-Cal HPC line of calorimeters.

    I-Cal SO3

    I-Cal SO3 is an application that uses calorimetry curves for sulfate optimization of cement. It bases itself on ASTM C563, using  heat of hydration as a proxy for compressive strength.
    I-Cal SO3 makes continuous quality control for SO3 content incredibly easy for the cement plant, as it avoids labor intensive and costly compressive strength testing.

    I-Cal Strength

    I-Cal Strength can be used in two ways:
    a. predict compressive strength in the absence of any physical testing. I-Cal Strength helps establish the correlation between a given mix's calorimetry curve and compressive strength values. This correlation is then used to predict compressive strength every time testing with the same mix design is done.
    b. make physical compressive strength testing for a few curing ages and use the calorimetry curve to estimate strength at other curing ages. This helps to reduce the cost burden of physical testing, or to get values of compressive strength at times when technicians are not available for physical testing, i.e. at night or on week-ends.
    CalCommander for Semi-adiabatic Calorimeters
    Works with Calmetrix F-Cal & P-Cal models and Grace AdiaCal

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