Mini Reator de Vidro para Laboratório AmAr Lab, XXL e Pilot

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    Glass Micro Reactors from LTF-Germany

    Salient Features

    - Available in integrated multilayer glass construction for mixing, reaction & heat transfer
    - Micro channel with modular system to connect multiple reactors in series or parallel
    - Pressures up to 100 bar & temperatures up to 400°C
    - Flow rates up to 30 LPH
    - Up to 500 ml internal volume
    - Channel size: 5 µm - 15 mm
    - Suitable for various liquid-liquid, gas-liquid homogeneous & multi phase reactions
    - Microreactors from glass, quartz, silicon and glass-silicon compounds
    - Useful in photochemical & UV induced reactions

    Specially designed micro reactors from LTF - Germany are microchannel reactors used in various photochemical and UV induced reactions.

    Mr. Lab

    - Pressure tested @15 bar (218 psi)
    - No dead volume
    - Easy to use & space saving

    Common reactors for common reactions

    The series MR Lab was developed to integrate standard lab syntheses from batchprocess to continuous process using standard lab equipments such astemperature vessels, heaters or cooling agents.

    The connecting via the front face saves the system space without creating anydead volume. The chip is connected via 1/4” UNF 28 fittings for 1/8” pipes.A supporting frame is designed to simplify the dipping process of chips in vessel.

    Mr. XXL

    - From batch to continuous process
    - Integrated layers for mixing / reaction / heat transfer
    - Pressure tested @15 bar ( 218 psi)
    - Connecting via 1/4“ UNF 28 fittings and ¼“ swagelok
    - Easy to use & space saving
    - Dimension: 150 mm *150 mm* 14mm

    Heating cooling layer

    Design pressure: 6 bar
    Flow rate of water by 6 bar: 3-4 /lmin

    Mr. XXL ST 1

    - Inlet A1, A2 and A3Product: P1
    - Mixer of micromixer type ST
    - Delay time extention channel with installed equipment type
    - ST, volume 8 ml

    Reaction stretch:

    Design pressure: 15 bar
    Flow rate of water by 6 bar: 50 ml/min

    Mr. XXL ST 2

    - Delay time extention channel with mixing fixture, volume 8 ml
    - Product: P1

    Reaction stretch:

    Design pressure: 15 bar
    Flow rate of water by 6 bar: 50 ml/min

    MR. XXL ST 4

    - Prewarm of A1 and A2
    - Additional connectors (A3/P1, A4/P2), elective product outlet (measure outlet) or additional inlet
    - Delay time extention channel, volume: 5 ml
    - Product: P3

    Reaction stretch:

    Design pressure: 15 bar
    Flow rate of water by 6 bar: 70 ml/min

    Mr. Pilot

    - Microreactor/mixer from borosilicate glass
    - Mixer + Residence time for mixture-intensive substances
    - Dimension: 250 x 100 x 6.4 mm
    - Volume: 1 ml to 16 ml
    - Inclusive connection profile 1/4"-28 UNF

    Example of Applications

    The following reactions are done with ST type mixer or combination of ST type andjet mixer( emulsifier) if 2 phase reaction was carried out.

    - Synthesis of semiconducting polymers for OLED applications
    - Synthesis of azo dye via azo coupling
    - Synthesis of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and furandicarbonacid (FDCA) out of renewable resources
    - Synthesis and work up of nitrate ester
    - Catalyzed oxidation for synthesis of functional aldehyde
    - Synthesis and conversion of diazomethane
    - Photochlorination, bromination, alkylation etc.


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