Reator de Alta Pressão por Indução a Gás para Hidrogenação e Reações Gás-Líquido AmAr

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    Amar-make high pressure reactors, Hydrogenators and jacketed reactors over 100 ltr volume are completely custom-designed to suit client requirements.

    These can come equipped with a PLC panel and solenoid/pneumatic actuated values for automated control. These reactors can be used to build pilot plants and pilot-scale reactor systems upto 2000 ltr.

    Salient Features

    - Gas induction reactor from 100 ltr to 2000 ltr (working) volumes
    - Materials SS-316, 316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium etc.
    - Design pressures upto 100bar ( 1450 psi)
    - Maximum working temperatures upto 350 °C
    - Zero leakage magnetic drive coupling from 20-600 Nm torque capacity
    - High mass transfer hollow shaft with gas induction impeller (ideal for hydrogenation, oxidation, ammination, chlorination, bromination & other gas-liquid reactions) pitch blade turbine, anchor, propeller, paddle etc. for other applications
    - Skid mounted complete pilot plant with accessories & automation
    - All designs as per ASME codes
    - 'U' stamp coded, PED certified reactors can be offered on request
    - CE-ATEX / UL / CSA certified systems offered
    - Jacketed or single / double limpet coil with insulation & cladding
    - Upto 440 rpm infinite variable speed with suitable gear box
    - Body flanges with bolts & teflon / spiral wound metallic gaskets for shell & dish sealing
    - Monoblock design without body flange, offered depending on pressures & application
    - Internal cooling coil, vent, liquid / powder charging, dip tube, thermowell, safety rupture disc, pressure safety valve, flush bottom outlet, baffles, light & sight glass, handhole / manhole etc. nozzles, manual / automated valves, fittings, ex-proof control panel & accessories offered based on requirement
    - Suitable catalyst filtration & recycling system offered for hydrogenation
    - Suitable catch pot & flame arrester to collect the vent
    - Lugs or floor stand skid mounted structure


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