• Reator Contínuo de Fluxo Automático AmAr

Reator Contínuo de Fluxo Automático AmAr

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    AmAr Equipments

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    Reator Contínuo de Fluxo Automático AmAr

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    One of the latest innovations in the field of continuous flow chemistry is the automated flow reactor. This type of micro reactor is used where fully automatic systems are needed for fast and exothermic flow reactions.

    Salient Features

    - The Automated Flow Reactor is a high performance modular system that has the capability to handle different types of flow reactors. Each of these reactor designs has their respective advantages, for different classes of reactions
    - Microchannel, 3d flow, tubular, pinch tube or packed bed reactors of different volumes, materials can be changed easily on demand
    - Its a compact, robust and automated system
    - Integrated touch panel, dosing pump, automated reagent selection valves, back pressure regulator, sample loops with injection system for controlling the automated system and capturing data

    System Specifications

    - Reactor volume: 1ml to 100ml
    - Temperature range: -40 to +200°C
    - Pressure: upto 100 bar
    - Pump & reactor modules: all wetted parts of PTFE, SS316 or Hastelloy C
    - Flow rate range: upto 100 ml/min
    - Optional heating cooling by separate circulator

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