Reatores de Alta Pressão sem Agitação AmAr

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    AmAr Equipments

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    Reatores de Alta Pressão sem Agitação AmAr

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    Amar Equipments is a renowned pressure vessel manufacturer based in Mumbai. Amar make non stirred pressure reactors and high pressure vessels are designed as per AMSE code, Sec VIII Div I and II. These small pressure vessels, non-stirred pressure reactors and pressure reactor vessels can be designed upto 680 bar and 500°C. These stainless steel pressure reactor vessels (SS316 pressure vessels) can also be made out of Hastelloy C, Inconel, Titanium, Zirconium, etc.

    Salient Features

    - 25 ml to 100 ltr net filling volume standard models & 150 ltr to 2000 ltr customized solutions

    - Pressures upto 700 bar & temperatures upto 600°C

    - Available in different Materials of Construction (MOC) like SS-316, SS-316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Titanium, Tantalum, Tantalum lined, Zirconium etc.

    - Ex-proof / ATEX / CE / PED / ASME U / U2 / CRN certified systems on request

    - Fully automated PC controlled high pressure system / pilot plant to continuously monitor, control & record various parameters


    - For gas / liquid storage / charging under pressure

    - For gas / liquid separation & collection

    - For static, loop, electrochemical, corrosion studies

    - For study of gas hydrate formation

    - For supercritical fluid extraction

    - For hydrogen induced disbonding tests

    - For soaking of diamonds / precious stones

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