• Viscosímetro Capilar 1500 bar para Laboratório

Viscosímetro Capilar 1500 bar para Laboratório

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    Viscosímetro Capilar 1500 bar para Laboratório

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    The equipment enables to perform viscosity studies with monophasic fluid low volume (less than 3 cc fixed volume).

    The automatic mode uses measurement cards. Software is delivered with automatic procedure for calibration and measurement. Calculation notes are presented with Excel.

    A buffer cell, volumetric or not, motorized or not, is necessary to prepare the sample, make decompression steps and purge gas under bubble point.

    Others Information:

    - The equipment is manufactured according to DESP 97/23/CE (European codes and rules on pressure vessels)
    - The equipment is mercury-free.
    - Pressure safety by independent sensor on the cell receiving the recombined.
    - Viscometer pressure safety on process sensors (because of dead volume).

    This equipment can be delivered with following options:

    - Heating system for tubing
    - Tube for Gas Viscosity Measurement

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