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Viscosimetro Cinemático Automático PSL Rheotek RPV-2

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    PSL Rheotek

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    The PSL Rheotek RPV-2 Polymer and Pulp viscometer offers an all-inclusive solution for the determination of dilute solution viscosity.

    The RPV-2 includes automation of the measurement of flow times, calculation of results and in-situ solvent cleaning and drying. For sample preparation, either the ISP-1 or iSP-2 can be integrated to provide precise weighing of polymers and solvent addition. A reaction block or shaker is used for sample dissolution. The RPV-2 can be equipped with a sample delivery system or auto sampler.

    Automation of the measurement process ensures low standard deviation of results. The viscosity determination is carried out in suspended-level type Ubbelohde glass capillary viscometers for full compliance with international test methods.

    - Intrinsic Viscosity
    - K-Value
    - Limiting Viscosity
    - Viscosity Number
    - Inherent Viscosity
    - Relative Viscosity

    The PSL-Rheotek RPV-2 Polymer Viscometer is suitable for measuring the dilute solution viscosity of a wide range of polymers. Applications include PA, PET, PVC, PLA, PBT, PC, PE, PP, Cellulose Acetate, Inks, Biopolymers, Pulp and cellulose.

    RPV-2  is designed for full integration with sample preparation and sample dissolution modules from PSL-Rheotek. Using these integrated options ensures full integrity of data from end to end in the measurement process.


    • RPV-2 is ruggedly designed and compatible with most solvents
    • RPV-2 fully complies with a wide range of polymer methods
    • RPV-2 can carry out duplicate polymer solution determinations
    • RPV-2 accommodates a standard type of Ubbelohde viscometer
    • RPV-2 determines precise solution viscosity results
    • RPV-2 includes comprehensive software to report a wide range of results
    • RPV-2 can be integrated with a range of other modules, including sample preparation,
    reaction stations and sample delivery systems

    Polymer Viscosity

    The PSL Rheotek RPV-2 polymer viscometer offers an all-inclusive package of technology for solution viscosity test work. Accurate control of the very low concentations employed in iv test work ensure high quality of test results. Automating the viscosity measurement work provides timely information for product specification and process control. K-value, viscosity number, relative viscosity results also available as per relevant test method.

    With automation of flow time determination, results calculation, sample removal, sample path cleaning and sample path drying, the RPV-2 will save a lot of time in the polymer plant laboratory.

    Full Method Compliance

    Software configurations for all the most common test methods of solution viscosity are availabe as shelf products. So far, the following methods are covered: ASTM D4603, ISO 1628, part 1-5, ASTM D2857, ASTM D789, ISO 307. New methods are added on a continuous basis. An RPV-2 coded with correct method parameters and equations for calculations of results is a guarantee of full method compliance in the day to day testing work. The capillary tubes installed in teh unit are standard ASTM Ubbelohde.
    Automated functions include:

    - Sample push up
    - Flow time determination
    - Results calcuation
    - Self-check of results quality
    - Sample removal
    - Sample path cleaning
    - Sample path drying

    Dilute Solution Viscosity of polymers, including pulp & cellulose

    The RPV-2 is suitable for determining the viscosity of polymers in dilute solution using glass capillary viscometers, in accordance with standard international methods of test. Typical applications include:

    • K-value, Reduced Viscosity - Poly (vinyl chloride) resins – ISO 1628 Part 2, ASTM D1243
    • Inherent Viscosity, Intrinsic Viscosity - Polyester (PET) – ISO 1628 Part 5, ASTM D4603
    • Viscosity Number - Polyamides – ISO 307
    • Limiting Viscosity Number - Cellulose, aged electrical papers and cellulose – ISO 5351, ASTM D1795
    • Polymers and bio-polymers dissolved in acids, organic solvents and water – ISO 1628 Part 1, ASTM D2857

    RPV-2 Configuration

    The RPV-2 Analyzer includes the following integrated modules:
    • viscometer bath, cooling and LED lighting
    • measuring heads with nIR opto-electronic detection
    • PC processor (no external PC required)
    • pressure pumps for raising the sample in the glass viscometer
    • vacuum pumps for drying
    • on-board PC processor

    RPV-2 Specifications

    Suitable Applications: Dilute polymer solutions e.g. polymers, cellulose, pulps
    Reported Results: Viscosity (mPa.s), Kinematic viscosity (mm²/s), Relative Viscosity, Reduced Viscosity (mL/g), Viscosity Number (mL/g), Inherent Viscosity (mL/g), Intrinsic Viscosity (mL/g), Limiting Viscosity Number (mL/g), K-Value, Plus a wide range of other standard and custom results
    Flow times modes: Determinability Max-Min
    Temperature stability: +/- 0.01 or better
    Temperature set-points: As required by methods e.g. 20, 25, 30 deg. C
    No. of cleaning solvents: 2 (as standard), Optional third solvent
    Dimensions: (w x L x h) 395mm x 590mm x 580mm
    Weight: 40 kg
    Interfaces: RS232, USB, VGA
    External connections: Solvent and waste bottles, PC monitor
    Power requirement: 100 – 240 VAC
    Power consumption: Max 600W

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