Filtro Nutsche com agitação e secagem AmAr ANFD

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    Salient Features

    Lab Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer system with 0.005m² to 0.05m² filtration area

    Removable filter basket, size from 5μm to 20μm

    1 ltr to 10 ltr slurry volume

    Design pressure: -1 to 4 bar

    Design Temperature: - 20 to 150°C

    Materials: SS316, Hastelloy C etc.

    Manual & electric agitation

    Transport & separation process takes place in single unit

    Reduced product exposure as all operation takes place in single unit

    Real-time model-predictive process control for the comparison of different agitation regimes & different operating conditions such as vacuum pressure, nitrogen flow, jacket temperature & cake volume, togather with comparison of different solvents

    Vacuum contact drying & through-circulation convective drying possible

    Applications of Lab ANFD

    Pharmaceutical Intermediates

    Food, flavors& fragrance industry

    Edible oil deodorization & deacidification

    Hazardous materials filtration

    Moisture removal & solvent recovery

    Precious metal & other catalyst recovery

    Fine & speciality chemicals

    Polymer devolatilization

    Microsphere separation & purification

    Amar's latest addition to its product portfolio is the lab agitated nutsche filter dryer unit. Also known as lab ANFD or pressure nutsche filter, this unit is used for drying and filteration of various media including precious metals, various chemicals, etc. from slurries. These units can come with a variety of accessories in manual or motorized stirring options.

    Standard Specification for Lab Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer ANFD*

    Model**Filter AreaSlurry VolumeCake Volume
    ANFD 30.005m²1 ltr500 ml
    ANFD 40.008m²2 ltr800 ml
    ANFD 60.018m²5 ltr2 ltr
    ANFD 100.05m²10 ltr5 ltr


    • * Customization possible on request
    • ** Numeric value indicates the diameter of the filter in inches
    • Vessel design pressure: -1 to 4 bar
    • Jacket design pressure: 6 bar
    • Design temperature: -20 to 150° C
    • Materials: SS316, Hastelloy C etc.
    • Surface finish: Ra < 0.8 μm or 400 grit inside/electropolishing
    • Material of elastomers: Viton, Teflon, EPDM, Kalrez, Silicon
    • Filter disc optional with lid bottom openable in metal ANF

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