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Software GIT LithoMetrix

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    Software GIT LithoMetrix

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    LithoMetrix software has revolutionized the NMR rock core analysis industry by providing an easy to use operating system for basic and advanced NMR core analysis systems.


        Easy-to-understand acquisition, processing, and reporting
        Intuitive Windows-based user interface


        Eliminates spreadsheets by providing robust sample management tools
        Built-in hardware controls and calibration
        Makes NMR scanning by non-experts a reality


        Improve log calibration with reservoir-specific relaxation times
        Simple scanning and processing queues
        Fully customizable reporting

    Green Imaging Technologies and Oxford Instruments offer a unique platform for NMR core testing. This seamless integration of Green Imaging Technologies’ software with Oxford Instruments’ leading edge rock core analysis instruments delivers unprecedented usability – an all-in-one solution for NMR rock core measurements. Learn more about the complete GeoSpec solution, click here.


        T1 & T2 pore size distributions
        Automatic FFI, BVI, CBW, effective porosity, T1 and T2 cut-off computations (either hard cut-off or spectral)
        Standard permeability models supported (Coates and T2 log mean)
        Ability to compute the model coefficients or permeability from standard values
        Gaussian fits of measurement curves
        Hydrogen Index


        Robust database storage with backup and restore capabilities
        Direct control of NMR instrument (MARAN Ultra, MARAN DRX, or GeoSpec)
        Protects hardware and maintains calibrations
        Simple, intuitive user interface
        Customizable reporting
        Optional remote database access

    Need to perform advanced analysis? Seamlessly upgrade to GIT’s advanced SCAL software, GIT Systems.

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