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  • Software GIT Systems

Software GIT Systems

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    GIT Systems

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    Green Imaging Technologies flagship software product provides users of advanced NMR instruments with access to more robust and exclusive measurements.

    This software includes acquisitions for standard NMR parameters such as T1 and T2, but also adds more advanced acquisitions such as those needed for capillary pressure, diffusion, 2D correlations maps, saturation profiles and 3D imaging of cores.

    Pulse sequences available with GIT Systems:

        1D SE-SPI and SPRITE profiles
        2D spiral and conical SPRITE
        2D spiral and conical SE-SPI
        Out of volume suppression for long cores/profiles
        1D Spatial T2
        2D Spatial T2
        Slice Selection

    Fast Track your NMR Rock Core Analysis with GIT Systems

    GIT Systems comes in 3 versions to meet your individual needs:

    - GIT Systems Advanced – provides access to the most advanced measurements for high end NMR systems for production environments offering progressive measurements and for researchers working on state-of-the-art NMR applications work.
    - GIT Systems Basic – Provides access to 2D correlation map and diffusion studies.
    - GIT Systems 3D Imaging – Adds 3D core imaging acquisition, processing and visualization tools to the GIT Systems Advanced package.

    All versions of GIT Systems come complete with GIT App Builder, which is a development environment allowing users to build and test their own pulse sequences, or modify current sequences.


    - GIT-CAP Capillary Pressure
    - Diffusion Distributions
    - Diffusion -T2 2D Maps
    - T1 -T2 2D Maps
    - Advanced Carbonate Tools
    - (T2-Store-T2)
    - Porosity Profiles
    - Pore Size Distributions (T1 or T2)


    - Quick-CAP (capillary pressure modeling)
    - Calculate relative permeability or pore throat size from GIT-CAP Pc
    - T1 or T2 relaxivity determination
    - Gaussian Fit to distributions
    - Pc from T1 or T2 pore size distributions
    - Statistical analysis across samples
    - Automatic FFI, BVI,CBW, effective porosity and T1/T2 cut-off computations
    - Permeability estimation from T1/T2 using standard models
    - Spatially Resolved T2

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